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Mike Janis Racing and Line2Line Coatings Go Big for 2014

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Mike Janis Jr. GM/Mike Janis Racing
P: 716.628.2591

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Elma, NY – Mike Janis Racing, Inc. (MJR) has announced today that current team partner Line2Line Coatings of Clarkston, Michigan has stepped up and will be a major associate partner of the team for the entire 2014 NHRA Pro Mod Drag Racing season. Line2Line Coatings started their relationship with MJR back in 2007 and has since grown over the years.

“This is an exciting way to start the 2014 season for us here at MJR,” said Mike Janis Jr., GM/Crew Chief at MJR. “It is no secret that without great partners, there is no possible way we could be on the track and be as successful as we have been. For Line2Line Coatings to see the value and scale which we can add to their business really makes it all worth it. We have worked very closely with Andy Suman, Owner/President of Line2Line Coatings for the last seven years to help him test all of his companies great products and ideas.  Line2Line Coatings specializes in coatings which they have developed in-house that have really let us push our Jan-Cen Racing Engines/Mike Janis Superchargers engines to the absolute max. We not only have seen a horsepower gains with these products, but we have seen these parts living much longer, (pistons, rotors, etc.).  These Abradable Powder Coatings (APC) developed by Line2Line Coatings have not only helped our team, but we have been able to spread it to all of our customers at Jan-Cen Racing Engines. Anytime you can see an increase in horsepower and also the additional life of an engine part, there is no better solution than that. This is the reason Line2Line’s APC is the only way to go in the coating market,” said Janis Jr.

Rear Trailer“Back when we introduced Abradable Powder Coatings, many racers were skeptical about clearance coatings and reluctant to try something new,” said Andy Suman, Owner/President of Line2Line.  “Right away, Mike Janis Racing saw the potential and gave Line2Line Coatings our first shot in a huge power, top flight racing program. Ever since, we have had a great time and learned a ton working with Jan-Cen Racing Engines & Mike Janis Superchargers. Now that APC™ is more widely known, it’s only logical to ramp up our partnership with Mike Janis Racing and really get the word out on APC. It’s a huge honor to associate our coatings with Jan-Cen Racing Engines world class reputation and technical leadership. We wish them the best in 2014 and look forward to helping them get into the winner’s circle,” said Suman.

About Line2Line Coatings


Line2Line Coatings Inc. is licensed to manufacture and apply patented abradable coatings for clearance control, anti-galling, and low friction. This technology was developed for the automotive industry, and has been used on millions of vehicles since 2000. Now it is available to you. We make a full spectrum of coatings in terms of thickness, strength, and friction properties which perform in a wide range of applications. From concept, to prototype, to production, Line2Line Coatings can help you improve the performance and durability of your equipment.

About Mike Janis Racing

Mike Janis Racing, Inc. is a professional drag racing team that competes full-time in the NHRA and PDRA Pro Modified division. Mike Janis is a two-time Pro Modified World Champion and is currently number two all-time for most wins among Pro Modified drivers. Mike owns and operates Jan-Cen Racing Engines which designs and builds world class race winning engines along with their trademark Mike Janis Superchargers for customers all throughout the U.S., Canada, Australia and Europe.


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