Mike Janis Racing 2014 Season Review: What a Year!

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Elma, NY – 2014 was another exciting year for Mike Janis and his Mike Janis Racing, Inc. Pro Modified drag racing team.  Running the full NHRA Pro Mod schedule in 2014 and throwing in a couple of test outings, the team managed to stay very busy both on and off the track.  Janis would end up finishing 4th in the NHRA Pro Mod Championship points standings for the second consecutive year in a row, adding to a very impressive run over the last fourteen years.  Janis has managed to finish in the top ten in Championship Points standings every year for the last fourteen.  Throw in there a couple of runner-ups, seven or eight top five finishes, two World Championships, a few world records, and he is sitting as the second winningest driver in Pro Modified history.  The past little while has been one heck of a blessing and one Janis is not ready to have end yet.

“We have been working around the clock to secure more great partners for the 2015 race season” said Mike Janis, Owner/Driver at MJR.  “We are at a very critical point and will make every effort and attempt in our power to make sure we are out there for the 2015 season.  At the beginning of 2014 our team sat down and had one goal in mind: to win the 2014 NHRA Pro Mod Championship.  Winning the NHRA Pro Mod Championship would’ve not only been a big deal, it would gave us certainty that funding would have been in place for the 2015 season.  To be 100% honest, we raced this year in hopes of running in 2015 & beyond.  We knew first place paid $50,000 in the points and that is what we had our sights set on.  Although we came up just short, I could not be more proud of our team, our partners, and all the support we received all year long from friends, fans, customers, and family.  To go out there week in and week out competing in one of the most competitive classes in all of racing, running up front, winning rounds and races, is nothing short of a true blessing.  I am NOT ready for this ride to end yet.  We continue to pray that someone will come along and see the value our organization has to offer both on and off the track.  We have brought so much new business to our partners and to see how happy they are because of it really assures us that our business model is something that works” said Janis.

“We started out the 2014 season with an awesome test session at Bradenton Motorsports Park” said Mike Janis Jr., GM/Crew Chief at MJR.  “Testing is so important at this high of a level.  The 2014 Pro Mod World Champion Rickie Smith was able to put on more runs before Gainesville in March, than we made the whole entire year.  We had an incredible first half of the year, winning the NHRA Spring Nationals in Houston, Texas, and just consistently going rounds.  After the Bristol, TN  event in June, we were actually leading the Championship Points standings.  Headed into the second half of the season, we only trailed points leader Rickie Smith by ten points.  The second half of the year has always been our strong point: however this was the first year our luck ran out at the wrong time.  We ran great in Indy, but just got beat first round.  We made a killer 5.92 pass at 245 mph and it just wasn’t enough to take the win.  We then went onto Charlotte, NC where we were able to grab a runner-up finish which kept us 2nd in the points standings, a mere two rounds back of the leader.  This left just St. Louis and Las Vegas.  St. Louis started out great but didn’t end so well.  We qualified in the top half of the field, and just got a tough luck of the draw first round having to run Don Walsh, one of the quickest and fastest turbocharged cars our there.  We ripped off a 5.86 @ over 246 mph which was the second quickest pass of the session.  The only other quicker pass was that of Don Walsh who was in the other lane against us!  He stormed down the track to a 5.82 @ over 250 mph.  I will be honest, that was such a tough one to swallow.  It was then and there we knew winning the Championship was going to be a long shot headed into the final race in Las Vegas.  We showed up in Vegas, gave it our absolute best shot, but were just plagued with some little problems that ended up costing us a real shot.  Are we upset?  Absolutely not.  To accomplish what we did this year with how we needed to run things, we couldn’t have been anymore blessed.  There is no “I” in TEAM.  Whether it’s myself making the tuning calls, Kevin, Ernie and Dave doing their magic everywhere, Dad driving, our partners who support this program, we are all one big family.  I am NOT ready to quit yet and either is Dad.  I am going to work 24/7 if need be to do everything possible for Mike Janis Racing to be out there for the 2015 season.  We are blessed and GOD is good” said Janis Jr.

Photos by: Roger Richards, Competition Plus, Auto Imagery, Mark Rebilas

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.You can catch the NHRA Pro Mod Series on TV every Sunday at 1:30 PM, make sure everyone tunes into the Velocity HD channel for the NHRA Pro Mod season.  Shows will air every Sunday at 1:30 PM for ten consecutive weeks!  It will be an experience you don’t want to miss!!!!

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